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22-Dec-2017 10:35

I take nothing away from Di Carlo and his very cool technique, but I consider it something you implement only as a complete beginner.

Like many seduction techniques, once you get the hang of it you really don’t need it any more.

Typical AFC (clueless "nice" guy) behavior is to respect those barriers too much and to never challenge them.

That by definition maintains the barriers, leaving them in place.

Go out and actually practice these kino escalation techniques and you’ll see first hand what happens. I’m going to break this down into six areas of touching.

Ranging from unambiguous to very sexual, just so you’re clear on what touches women respond to the most.

These motion pictures are eternally poignant, forever relevant, steeped in an understanding of the world and exuding it unto others like a blessing from heaven, made from important thinkers, visionaries.These are all touches you don’t want to use with a woman you’re attracted to, because it will subconsciously communicate that you’re not interested. I like to incorporate humour into my kino escalation, because it’s a great way to get them laughing which as you know helps massively with attraction.Let’s say you’re in a conversation with a girl and you want to introduce kino touching, so that she knows you’re not another guy she can just dump in the friend zone. Simply bring up a topic about her appearance that will allow you to initiate touch. Here are some ways you can use touch and comedy: Do all of those with a cheeky smile on your face. Let’s say you’ve kissed her (or maybe you haven’t yet) you want to continue the kino escalation so that you can lead that to sex later on.Practicing Kino helps to: -Acts as an icebreaker -Shows confidence / establishes Alpha Male status -Stimulates the person you’re trying to attract -Breaks sexual barriers Though a lot of you are relating Kino to sexual interaction, it’s much more than that.

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How many of your guys only land up saying just a “Hi” to women, even your female friends and acquaintances.

Kino is a way of establishing your social status, showing how comfortable you are around women.

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