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10-Jan-2018 09:02

Qwant ensures that your privacy is protected, and this is the cornerstone of our philosophy.

We don’t use any cookie nor any tracking device that may allow us to track your browsing habits or to establish your profile.

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Suppose you were making an application that you wanted other applications to be able to communicate with.

This is better because a C# application could read the data.

But this has another flaw: Lets assume your stock application is not the only one the C# application needs to interact with.

Maybe it needs weather data, local restaurant data, movie data, etc.

If every one of these applications uses its own unique file format, it would take considerable research to get the C# application to a working state.

It also presents the security measures that we apply to protect their confidentiality, and reminds your rights and how to exercize them.The problem with this approach is that a C# application would not be able to use these objects because it serializes and deserializes objects differently than Java.Another approach you could take is to send a text file filled with data to the application that requests it.For example, your Java application has stock information updated every 5 minutes and you would like other applications, ones that may not even exist yet, to be able to use the data.

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One way you can do this is to serialize your Java objects and send them over the wire to the application that requests them.The content is sometimes described as being pulled to the subscriber, as opposed to pushed with email or IM.