When do carly and freddie start dating

08-Nov-2017 15:00

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(runs upstairs crying)Sam: [after Freddie shows himself to the audience] That was our technical producer Freddie, who, last week, handcuffed me to a nerd.

You need to face the world with shoulders cocked, and say, "I AM FREDDIE BENSON, AND I HAVE NEVER KISSED A GIRL!

before we start our meatball war, I wanna say something. And for all you people out there who's been teasing Freddie about it, lay off! Which is a bad idea unless you live near a hospital! (he starts to walk off, but goes back to them and talks fast) ...

And that was really personal, and I shouldn't say it on the show. So if you want to tease someone about it, tease me. No, now she is so angry she wants to kill me and wants to kick me and punch me in my head until I talk like BLUH BLUH BLUH BLUH BLUH! (Carly, Sam and Shelby start to close in on him) Oh, okay...

On the next i Carly webshow, Carly and Sam ask the fans who they think would make a better couple, either Sam and Freddie, or Carly and Freddie.

The results come after the webshow, and both of them are even.

[on the i Carly webcast] Freddie: Now usually I'm behind the camera... [on the i Carly webcast] Freddie: See, Carly and Sam are in a big fight, and both girls think they're right.

Freddie Benson: I am over it, seriously, I'm in love with you, you just wanna be friends and I'm totally cool with living with that constant pain.

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Sam: [clears her throat] Carly will never love you.

Soon Carly gets in a car accident, gets amnesia, and forgot all about her and Freddie's relationship.