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27-Oct-2017 00:49

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So, you all single professionals out there, especially in Toronto, don't waste any money on fastlife. Totally agree, I had a horrible experience with Fast Life in the US too.They are the most unprofessional (bordering on con-artists) group I have ever had the displeasure of trying!Speed Dater holds London speed dating events in stylish and centrally located venues.We also run speeddating in London members bars for elite dating.I also did not receive any follow-up to the event via e-mail either to say there were or were not matches, and they could not produce one when asked. I have a feeling that fastlife purposefully does not provide any matches so that customers can keep spending money. One, I had a great time at the first fastlife speed dating event in Toronto, and I picked quite a few matches, but fastlife later reported none picked me.In requesting reimbursement, Fas Llife wanted a administration charge to handle the reimbursement of the error THEY made!!! I don't take myself for granted, but it felt strange that none picked me. Next day, fastlife again reported that none picked me.Speed Dater runs more dating events in London than any other site!

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You're sitting here and you'll have a good question and you just want to ask it and I'm trying to find the Fast Life people so I can see out of the corner of my eye whether or not they're going to gong it. If he can flat out come up with something quirky and great, I figure he's got something to him.

So I'm here at Luck's to try Fast Life's Speed Dating with Style. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, this is Fast Life's Speed Dating with Style at Luck's Bar in Toronto. There are 20 people that show up -- equal numbers of men and women.